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Paramount Management & Realty LogoWelcome to the Paramount Management & Realty Blog. Since 2010, Paramount Management & Realty has offered full service property management services to Phoenix and surrounding areas. Full service means we will manage your property according to the level of participation that you require. If you want to be completely hands off, we can take full control of the property, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of owning a property without the stress of management on your hands. If you’d like to be completely involved, taking management tasks into your own hands, but would like us to market and lease the property for you, we can also do this for you.

When we say full service, we really mean it. We offer due diligence and comparative market analysis on the property or properties you are considering buying. We can also coordinate maintenance and repairs for you. Many property managers do not enjoy being responsible for household emergencies, especially when the emergencies occur during the middle of the night. We can find high-quality vendors to take care of maintenance and upkeep of your properties.

Whatever you need from our Phoenix property management company, we are here to work with you. We can create ideal packages tailored to your specific needs. Unlike other companies that treat clients as another number or paycheck, we really take pride in forming strong relationships with our clients. If you need help with Phoenix property management or realty in surrounding areas, contact Paramount Management & Realty online or over the phone at 623-688-5844.



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