You may be wary about handing off your property or properties to a property management company if you have always done all of the work yourself. However, Phoenix Management and Realty has a full range of services provided to tenants and owners that make using our services easy and extremely beneficial. If you want exceptional Phoenix property management services for your properties, Paramount Management and Realty has quickly become a favorite amongst Phoenix, AZ property owners and tenants alike. Read on to find out more information on the Phoenix property management services we provide.

Owner & Tenant Online Access – As an owner, you want to hire a property management company that makes things easier for you, after all, if it made your life harder, you wouldn’t want to use the service in the first place. Paramount Management and Realty offers property owners with full online web access to the properties we manage. You can easily check in with your properties from our online portal. Everything from tenant rent payments, property inspections, account funds, and more can be accessed easily online through our website. Our Phoenix property management services make it easy for your tenants as well with a similar online tenant portal.

24/7 Emergency Contact – Whether you or your tenants have any concerns with the property or services, we are always available with our 24/7 emergency contact line. Unlike other companies, we can address the needs of property owners and tenants immediately to ensure everyone is completely satisfied with our services. In the event of serious emergencies such as floods, fire, or break-ins, we can address these emergencies immediately to protect your property and maintain the safety of tenants as well.

Lease Compliance and Enforcement – One of the major downfalls of managing a property yourself is dealing with tenants who do not want to pay rent on time. With our property management in Phoenix, you will never have to worry about late payments again. We stay on top of payments from tenants making sure to be pleasant, yet firm with what we expect from tenants.

Along with these services, Paramount Realty and Management offers many more such as credit and criminal background checks of tenants, property inspections, full accounting services, and much more. Contact us online or over the phone at (623) 688-5844 to take advantage of our Phoenix property management services today.