Dave Stringham

Real Estate Agent at Paramount Management & Realty

I love Real Estate in all of its aspects. Housing is the most basic identifier. What is the first thing that people ask you when they meet you? Where are you from, where do you live? You identify with people with where they live or have lived. You can really get to know them and understand them based upon that common experience. I was born and raised right here in Phoenix. I grew up in the Christown area. If you know where that is, you have been here for a while too. Phoenix is an awesome community. Diverse in its cultures, scenery and experiences. Even with our hot summers, there is always plenty of reason to get outdoors and enjoy our mountains, lakes and rivers. I have been selling and managing homes and properties in this Phoenix market since 1981. I have seen multiple market cycles, crazy growth spurts, and communities grow into huge cities where there was almost nothing there before. I have sold and managed literally thousands of properties. I enjoy the life that I have living here with my wife and 4 children and 9¬†grandchildren. The Phoenix Real Estate market is such a unique place to work in. I really enjoy seeing when people can benefit their lives when they buy or sell a home, or rent that really perfect property. I am always grateful to be able to assist with that process. Nothing is sweeter than a transaction completed where all the parties have benefited and are happy with the final result. My job is to make that happen smoothly everytime…..

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